Sun Up – Sun Down

Daylight is our friend. I suspect that’s something our early ancestors thought and it is just as apt today. Nothing assists an early morning start like natural light and bird song.

And, at the other end of the day, light evenings at least give the illusion that, after a long day officebound, that at there is an hour or so you can claim as your own.

With all that in mind I’ve found am extra spring in my step.

However, long days are no use unless you have the power and the imagination to fill them. Surrounding yourself with smart people and making decisions that count.

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to do both at a Walpole Conference which focused on The Americas. It was a solid day with Dr Jim Taylor from the Harrison Group as a highlight (insightful, rigorous AND entertaining – you could not ask for more from a presenter) along with Peter Fitzgerald from Google who veered from topic to do a bit of selling but he did show a little Google promo video I have never seen before. It taps into the current favourite device, the life narrative (as used by John Lewis and discussed by me a couple of weeks ago), and it reminds you how much we do rely on search to go about out lives.

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