It struck me the other day that in about 12 years of intensive business and personal travel the one item which is universally ABSENT (and relevant to the stay !) from hotel rooms is…….TOOTHPASTE.

Beyond shampoo, shower / bath gel and soap it’s a key essential. Instead we have cotton balls, cotton buds, nail files, conditioner (??!), moisturizer (???!!!) but no toothpaste. There have been a couple of exceptions – usually in very bespoke hotels or in full-on Ritz Carlton rooms with their ‘Dental Kit’ but surely it cannot be beyond the reach of hotels to give us a little tube.

Moreover if I was heading up a major toothpaste brand I would be looking at the benefits of getting my brand in front of customers by working in partnership with hotel chains.

So how about it ? One last thing to stuff into that Ziplock !


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