Mirror, mirror on the wall

In the space of less than 24 hours I have come to the conclusion that bars and restaurants with too many mirrors do not do it for me !

So how did I reach this view ? On Thursday evening I had a business meeting at the Mandarin Bar inside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Hyde Park in Knightsbridge. Drinks were perfect (a Plymouth Gin Gibson), service seamless, the conversation lively and productive. The only downside was I was in an alcove looking at myself in a mirror and if I turned to the side there I was again – me reflected back.

One of the good things about bars is looking at other people – I can just about bring myself to look my own face when I shave each morning – more than that is too much.

Now on to Friday lunch. This time at the Whitechapel Gallery . Lunch was great (highlight for me was the Cauliflower and ginger soup, pear chutney, truffle oil). A really nice space apart from one thing – I looked up and there I was – looking right back as I took my first mouthful of soup.

Maybe it’s always been like this in public spaces and I have just started to notice. Now I find myself thinking about it – this could become a growing issue. Unless I want to start limiting my choices I had better learn to live with that reflection or stop looking !

(NB Did not have time to tour the gallery – but added it to the list.)


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