On the rails, Off the air

Regular readers will be used to much commentary from me regarding air travel and very little on rail but today I’m experiencing how civilised and practical semi-long distance domestic rail travel can be. And it’s nothing to do with carbon footprints – I’m very happy with my aviation inflated one !

With my flight from LHR to GLA cancelled I opted for First Class travel on Virgin Trains so I could honour my speaking engagement.

The experience has been impressive. For about 2/3rds of the airfare I enjoyed a comy first class seat by the window at a table for two, free WiFi, enough coffee and free drinks to float a battleship, an excellent full English breakfast served silver service (almost) onto a hot plate.

We arrived into Glasgow 2 minutes early and the Conference hotel was 1 minutes walk away.

An afternoon spent with former colleagues still left time for coffee with two friends before the return journey. A decent sandwich, a gin & tonic, a passable glass or two of red wine and the miles sped by.

Door to door train works out at 5.15 and the plane 3.45 but that extra 1.30 disappears by the time on the train being more efficent than all the little stages from landside to airside.

The one downside ? The fact that the absence of jet engines means that the innane drivel that some corporate clones spout is all too audible.

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