Yesterday The Times of London announced that come June it will charge £1 a day and £2 a week for access to it’s online content.

To put this into perspective I currently buy the newspaper at least 5 times a week so that’s a tenner ! I also browse the site a couple of times a day.

Meanwhile the WSJ just announced that the iPAD version of the newspaper will cost $17.95 a month.

With the iPAD launch looming I find myself moving ever closer to commiting to it as my primary access point to media. One of the smartest people I work with has pushed me further – asking me to list my regular traditional print consumption. It’s a long list. Sure a lot of it I collect for free from airport lounges but the rest is still a considerable spend.

My wallet is depleted and my messenger bag stuffed. Not to forget that invariably the article I rip out for future reference gets discarded with a boarding pass.

I reckon you can’t be half pregnant with the iPad. It requires a real commitment and I think I’m ready.

Although I’m always going to need one (make that two) paper items to read between the door closing and 10,000 feet.


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