Out of Service

The iconic four-face clock which hangs from the roof at Waterloo Station has had its hands replaced with a sign saying ‘Out of Service’.

It’s been like that for a couple of weeks and will be like that for a couple more. It’s being upgraded.

Meanwhile the clock is ticking on British Airways going out of service on Saturday. Only it’s not.

The British Airways management seem to be relishing this fight with the Cabin Crew union, Unite. Willie Walsh’s contingency planning has been meticulous – so much so that you can’t help but wonder why he did not spend even half as much effort when Terminal 5 opened at LHR.

But that’s another story. I’m off to JFK this evening and due to fly back on Monday, a strike day. So far communication from BA has been excellent. My aircraft has been changed from a 747 to a 777 and I won’t get a hot meal but I still have a flight.

I never once considered not flying. If BA are to make their point in the face of a very misguided union then they need passengers to fly.

Every flight attendant I’ve spoken to over the last couple of weeks voted for action but does not want to strike. That seems a sad position to be in.

This cannot be about winners and losers – hopefully talks will begin again or BA will be pushed closer to the brink.

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