All is calm, for the moment

As I dived into my first coffee of the day I realised that I had not enjoyed a Saturday in Notting Hill for 6 weeks. Over that period I’ve been in Scotland, Scotland, New York, Seattle, Scotland. Despite my usual protestations about living in London – this morning feels good. I’m rising above the usual bustle (streaming Italian tourists all clutching their Eyewitness Londres guides) everywhere I move there is an oasis of calm around me. Okay it’s probably more like the eye of the hurricane but it will do for now.

A little time to reflect, observe and plan but mainly just reflect.

With all of this I cannot bring myself to read a word of the Prime Minister’s testimony to the Chilcot Inquiry. It would all just be a dreadful waste of time. I suspect there is nothing worse in British current affairs than observing the fag-end of a discredited, miserable, incompetent regime. The only thing that keeps the Nation going I suspect is the certain fact that the sands of time before an election must be called are flowing fast.

Britain’s future is hanging by an overstretched thread at the moment. This Government needs to be swept from office in a decisive, purging moment. Anything less and the 2nd wall of the hurricane will deliver us the same fate as Greece – without the sun.

But back to calm and a truly uplifting article I just read by a father about his Down’s syndrome son in today’s The Times. You read things like that and cannot, not love the world and all that is in it. Enjoy.


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