Roles and Responsibilities

Flying up to Edinburgh for the 2nd time in 3 days I’m reminded of a 7 month period when I did this once a week. Sadly BA no longer serve a hot dinner which used to be an interesting diversion since the shortness of the flight meant the food carts were being repositioned so soon after take off that the flight attendants appeared to pushing up a 45 degree incline.

Those were interesting days with flight coupons which were like cash and if BA was late or full could be taken to the British Midland desk and you flew them instead.

In any event the welcome acceleration and containment at 38,000 feet after a busy and complex word day is one I always savour. I reckon it is all down, for me in any event, of being able to hand control over to a Captain and Flight Crew who are very much in charge.

On the ground, as in the air, it’s all down to roles and responsibilites. The need for people to face up to what’s on their plate and to take ownership. Thankfully I’m surrounded by people who do just that. It results in a whole which is greater than the sum of the parts and it delivers progress. Of course lives are not at stake but livelihoods are.

And that’s what makes it all the more vital and rewarding.

It’s called earning a living and it sure does feel good.

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