Sitting in London City Airport about to fly to Amsterdam for the day as I write this. Now that BA flys to JFK from LCY the temptation to fly west and not east is great.

36 hours after Steve Jobs presented the iPad the reviews are decidedly mixed. I am trying to reserve judgement until I can get to size one up in my hands but I suspect this is not the nirvana device I thought it might be.

At the moment I can’t see me using it beyond skimming the Sunday newspapers propped up in bed.

All of us have different priorities and I suspect I was hoping for too much with my demands for a notebook / reader / iTouch hybrid.

It’s probably the reader aspect that is weakest for me, The sheer heft of the device means you are never going to prop that on your knee on the subway as you would a paperback, newspaper or reader.

When Jobs talks about being able to watch 10 hours of movies from California to Tokyo I get it. But beyond that I don’t.

I also worry a bit about its robustness – my iTouch seems to get scratched even when left alone in a room.

As I said I’m reserving judgement but I do note that the blogosphere is filled with the sort of snark and humour usually only deployed against Microsoft,

And I did not mention the name once….

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