Proving yourself…..everyday

BusinessWeek, which seems to have improved now it is in the Bloomberg stable, had an excellent article on ‘The Disposable Worker’ – an indepth feature on the ‘permanent temporary workforce’ in the US.

It’s a warts and all assesment but it does contain some good experiences such as a woman who has had five assignments as an interim CMO in five years.

It’s certainly a less stressful proposition in countries with universal state healthcare but for the ‘always on’ individual who likes short and snappy projects – delivering maximum change and then moving on – there is a lot to commend this form of working.

Which is just as well. This trend is only going to increase as companies reward longevity less and workers seek mobility. Mobility is a good thing as long as you deliver more than a permanent employee and build up a reputation as someone who can make a difference. A short-term go-getter is better than a long-term time-server.

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