Travel Perfection

I’ve just landed at LHR after one of those journies which totally restores your faith in aviation.

EDI was empty, the BA Lounge had 6 people in it. The Syrah was surprisingly good. The 180 seated Airbus had about 25 passengers. I had 1A, 1B and 1C to myself. We pushed back at 1905 and were airborne by 1910, 10 minutes early.

And the takeoff ! One of those exhilarating 45 degree angle manouvers after only half the runway has been used thanks to the light load.

Cabin service was bouyant with every drink a double.

We landed a full 30 minutes early.

Okay we did deplane from the rear and we were bussed to the Terminal but these were small prices to pay for a perfectly civilized flight !

Here’s hoping that 2010 travel maintains this standard.

Spoke too soon Circle and District Line closed ! Taxi………….

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