New Indispensable Pocket Device

Those who know me well will appreciate that I cannot resist new gadgets and so it came to pass today. I just bought another new tool to help organise me on my travels.

So far it’s worked right out of the box. Set-up was a breeze, inputting all of my personal information took a couple of minutes max and then I was in to populating the diary which is helpfully organised with a week to a page view.

The device comes with a very practical bookmark – which they call ‘a ribbon’, it’s easy to move it around depending on the priorities of the day.

I bought the ‘Manhattan’ version so it comes preloaded with a lot of useful city information – restaurants, galleries, clubs etc. Useful conversion tables and a wine vintage guide.

It also has a complete set of Manhattan, New York City and Regional maps already downloaded and in full colour.

Battery life should not be an issue and so far coverage has been excellent – even on the subway.

The name of this new gadget…..?

Manhattan Diary 2010

Yes a pocket diary which cost $8.95 with Barnes & Noble discount.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

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