Buckle Up

So here we go again. Although it had never really ended in the first place despite some people believing that the world would fall in love with western values and culture once President George W Bush left office.

The truth of the matter is that people like the Nigerian who attempted to bring down the Christmas Day Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit hate us. Hate our values, hate our freedoms, hate our way of life.

So once again we react. No movements in the cabin an hour before landing, no ‘moving route maps’, no blankets an hour before landing. Gone will be the routine of having one final nap with the belt fastened over the blanket.

In the grand scheme of things, when our loyal servicemen and women are in combat zones, these are tiny inconveniences. Although once again little old ladies will suffer the indignity of a pat-down prior to boarding.

It’s obvious that, despite vast resources, detecting weapons and explosive materials will never be failsafe. This means that rigorous profiling needs to be at the heart of our counterterrorism efforts.

And to those that worry about people’s civil liberties being infringed I reckon being murdered mid-air is the ultimate infringement so bring it on – you could start by focusing on people who spend $3000 in cash in Nigeria on a Christmas Day flight to Detroit with no checked luggage.

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