Blair Faced

The best thing about Boxing Day ?   Newspapers after a day of  printing press silence.  Or so I thought until I read the reports that the UK taxpayer pays 6 Million GBP for ex-Prime Minister Blair’s security detail.

It’s a staggering sum.   

Don’t get me wrong the taxpayer is duty bound to protect any politician after he or she has left office if they are deemed to be at risk. But this should be based on reasonable movements of the individual concerned. Historically a British Prime Minister would leave office, retire, write their memoirs and do the occasional public spirited speech.

Not Mr Blair. Having single-handedly consigned an entire nation to ‘B’ Status he has turned himself into a slick money making machine who travels the globe milking speaker fees out of corporations.

Enough is enough. His protection should be paid for out of his profits.

Small price for him to pay. No one has used the office of Prime Minister for personal gain more than him.


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