My Digital Resolutions

With 2010 looming I’ve decided to draw up my list of digital resolutions. Here goes;

(1) Stop being quite so obsessional about British Airways in this blog and also blog a little bit more.

(2) Either reduce my Facebook friends to 100 or say to hell with being precious and forget about limits.

(3) Hit 1,000 contacts on Linked-In (currently at 710) and never accept another business card again.

(4) Finally purchase an external hard drive – they now cost the same as a decent bar of chocolate so no excuse. Well not quite as I have my eye on LaCie – the Philippe Starck designed one !

(5) Give serious consideration to buying a Macbook knowing I have Kai support 24/7 – she is the epitome of a ‘new’ Mac user who has never looked back.

(6) Start to archive my photographs and scan all of this bits of paper I’ve accumulated over the years. Or perhaps find someone to do it for me.

(7) Ditch a couple of these luxury networking sites. I have no desire to share a hot tub in Gstaad. Well, not at the moment.

(8) Re-embrace twitter as a transmitter and not just a received. Although it has become a highly effective news feed for me.

(9) Understand Googlewave.

(10) The last one’s not digital at all. Finally commit to getting my book evaluated and published.

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