A troubled decade ends as it begun..

Delayed slightly due to yesterday’s snow I sat in 1C on my flight to Glasgow awaiting for pushback. It took me a few minutes to realise what was different and then it clicked the cockpit door was open and, since the bulkead only reached to 1B I was able to look dead centre beyond the Captain (female so the landing will be perfect – always is with female BA pilots) and Right stick’s shoulders to the instrument panel and out the window to the airfield.

Of course the door was fastened before pushback but it all reminded me of an age when that sort of scene was normal. I can even recall on my first ever flight to America being asked if I wanted to visit the cockpit on a 747 as we got closer to Washington Dulles.

September 11, 2001 put paid to that, along with countless lives and behaviours we held dear. Sometimes I feel we are not angry enough.

Door closed and bolted I went back to my newspaper and read about the theft of the iconic and deeply disturbing sign which had stood over the main gate to Austwitz. It’s beyond comprehension, all the more so since my friend DJC had recently visited and wrote some moving words about the scene.

Hopefully those who committed the act will be swiftly caught and punished.

All of this and reflecting on a troubled decade reminded me of the quote (the source evades me) that ‘For evil to flourish all that needs to happen is for good men to do nothing’.

I cannot think of a better maxim to live by. Time for us all to fight evil and injustice wherever we find it.

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