Breaking habits : British Airways 1 – Me 1

A theme has developed on BA 183 – the last JFK bound flight our of LHR. Habit breaking. I’m not sure who started it, it may have been me but more of that later.

Suffce to say it was truly earth-shattering. I took my very first flight with BA at the age of 21 from LHR to ABZ. I remember it vividly I was cutting short a University field trip to get back to Aberdeen for the final couple of weeks of a Regional Election Campaign which was to see me lose by 31 votes. But that’s a story for a different day. Something happened on that flight and it’s kept on happening on EVERY BA flight until tonight. After the meal service the hot beverage service ALWAYS starts with tea and the move to coffee. Without exception. For 20 years. Tea then coffee. It sticks as I am a coffee drinker. Tea and then coffee.

Not tonight. It was coffee and then tea. I called the flight attendant on it (hopefully this was marginally less annoying that the upgrade idiot in 29G – see previous blog) and he had no explanation. I await the next flight with interest. Perhaps the reduction in staffing levels on long haul by one has thrown a spanner in the proverbial works.

So what of me. Well readers of this blog will know that I hold strong views that the time spent at 35,000 feet is truly precious. It’s not laptop time. It’s big thoughts, deep reading, napping time. Well not on this trip. I’ve pressed into service both business laptop and personal netbook time along with my USB to churn out some solid work. It’s been both fun and rewarding. It all seems to be a function of empowerment and enjoyment with the task at hand. I hope it continues I’m having the time of my life.

Now if we can just get them to drop the tea althogether……..

PS When our plane took off Tiger Woods had 9 mistresses. Heavens knows what the total is now. It’s spiralling up as fast as the national debt in your typical G8 country !


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