BA 6 NRT – LHR Seat 28J

By far my favourite seat (if not flying Club Class upstairs in the ‘bubble’) on a British Airways 747-400 is 28J. It’s a stand-alone seat with a side table at the front of the World Traveller Plus cabin. With enough room to swing several cats no other passenger is in close proximity and since the toilets are behind and Club in front the movement in the aisle is minimal. Gazeing out out of the overwing emergency exit door window at the mountains of Eastern Russia I’m thinking life is good – these longhaul flights represent an unparalled opportunity to rest, rebalance and reflect.

And there is much to reflect on. I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to Tokyo and have added it to the list of cities that I would be happy to live and work in. With at least half my fellow passengers and over half the flight attendants Japanese I get to hang onto Tokyo a little bit longer. I even instintively reached for the chopsticks to eat lunch !

Last night, over several Chivas 18 Years Old (having spent over a decade working for a number of excellent Scotch whisky brands I still marvel at Colin Scott’s ability to continue a legacy with this perfectly balanced blend) I mentally ran a check-list of what it is that I find so enjoyable about Japan. Even though I only scraped the surface in the most superficial of ways I think it is the sheer complexity of culture, experience along with an unabiding politeness. So, as I sit here closing the loop on my circumnaviagtion of the globe I know that I’ll be back to Japan soon.

But back to the rest of the world. I’ve just finished reading ‘Going Rouge’ by Sarah Palin and I enjoyed it. I respect people who get off their backside and give something to the communities around them. I admire her grit and determination. And I especially marvel at how she has an ability to turn liberal elites into mouth foaming crazies. I sure hope she stays on the scene. On the otherside of the spectrum President Obama has finally made his decision on increasing US troop levels in Afghanistan. I’m not sure what the months of delay contributed to his strategy other than perhaps introducing a new word to the lexicon – ‘Barack-a-vating’ – pointless delay through an inability to make a decision. I also don’t see how he can commit to a timetable for withdrawal when the task is plainly openended.


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