A sorry, sorry mess…

Governments (especially the current British Labour one) never have a lack of choice about things to apologise for.   It’s inevitable really.   The more you do, the more you get wrong although Gordon Brown seems to have excelled himself as Chancellor and Prime Minister (selling the national gold reserves in 1997 would be a good starting point).

But that’s all too simple for Mr Brown and instead he is running to catch up with the Prime Minister of Australia to apologise for the UK’s program of sending orphans from the 1930’s to 1970 from Britain to Commonwealth countries for a “better life”.  

I’m not denying that this did not cause a lot of heartache and strife but it’s not Mr Brown’s apology to make.    He could, on the other hand, apologise for the deaths which have occurred on his watch in the context of Britain’s Social Services failures.  Apologise for rising crime, increased levels of taxation, mass youth unemployment…you get my point.

But then it is always easier to apologise for something you didn’t do rather than something you did.     Also, whilst we are at it if anyone makes the apology it should be the Head of State whose government acted in her name back then.



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