All the world’s a stage…

obamaHard to believe that on Tuesday it will be a year since President Obama’s landslide victory in the US.    If the election was held this Tuesday I reckon he would still win but with the slimmest of margins.  Candidate Obama seems to be much more effective than President Obama.   I’m not surprised and with no glee I’ve been saying this since the turn off the year.   

What got me this week is the very obvious staging that surrounds Obama.  Every president does it but it seems to be an overriding priority and some things really should be beyond theatrics.    This week it was the release of this picture of the President “alone” in the Oval Office – mmmm alone save for the photographer and whoever was directing the shot.   It’s a blatant rip off of the iconic Vietnam shot of President Kennedy – conveying then that this was the “loneliest job in the world.”

JFKMaybe I am being too cynical – I’m sure my good friends will put me right via the comments page !!


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