Fa(r)cebook !

There was a moment, yesterday afternoon as I walked between meetings, that I thought one of two things had happened.  Either some catastrophic event had wiped out all of my friends (although it would have had to have impacted both Utah and Troon which is a hell of a big spread) OR I had posted one controversal status update too many and been defriended by my entire network.  The reason for either of these two theories ?   Facebook status updates were deathly quiet.

Not for a minute did I think that the House of Zuckerberg would be tampering AGAIN with the Facebook format.   Anyway 24 hours later I am still confused between “News Feeds” and “Live News Feeds” and for some reason I have to switch between the two to be sure that I am capturing all status updates.   

Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with change and I concede that Facebook must always remain relevant but pissing off the very eyeballs (consuming and earning adults) that must be their most attractive demographic surely is counterproductive.

All I want from Facebook is some good games of Scrabble (read being annihilated by S & R), and some fun postings and updates.

It should not be hard work.     When it becomes hard work I’ll go elsewhere.    Are you listening Facebook ?


3 thoughts on “Fa(r)cebook !

  1. I still don’t know what the difference is between the 2 feeds and indeed if I am seeing both on the iPhone. Aside from that they have been crashing at an alaing rate lately. Time to upgrade those servers, boys. Does this reflect the stretching of the profitability model as social network marketing loses some of it’s initial luster? Are the $/€/£/¥ not rolling in?
    On another note note, I’d like to see the author use some of the words he plays in a sentence (in this forum, of course).

  2. I’m almost ready to give up on Facebook. This makes me sad b/c when it’s on (and when everyone is on), it’s great. But lately, it seems to have lost critical mass.

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