A Modern Classic

On Saturday I had arranged to meet RP for a long overdue lunch and catch-up at our favourite Saturday lunch-spot, The Bar Room at The Modern. Since we both had so much to update the other on and our shared passions the lunch would have been enjoyable had it been held in a corner diner. However there is something about The Modern which turns good times to great.WK-AP355_wineno_G_20090409124129

The Bar Room has an abbreviated choice with smaller portions drawn from the main restaurant menu and this encourages experimentation although it’s all too easy to fall into ordering the same thing again and again – the tarte flambe and the Long Island Duck with the pistachio encrusted apples ! Service has never, ever been short of faultless and since we usually meet for a late lunch (2.30pm) and linger almost to the first dinner service very indulgent. We compensate by ensuring we run up a moderate check with some good wine choices. This time around an amazing 2006 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir from Patz and Hall (I thank EF once more for getting me hooked on US PN !).

Beyond good food, wine and service what really does it for me is the ambience. Sitting within the Modern Museum of Art complex it draws a very eclectic crowd of Europeans. So the background buzz is Babelesque in its resonance !


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