Manhattan Morning

I met my friend S for breakfast this morning and, since we were meeting at 9 and at Union Square, our choice was restricted to The Coffee Shop.

Now The Coffee Shop has a couple of things in its favour. It is open about 21 hours a day, the food is consistent and there is usually an interesting scene.

On the down side is the fact that the servers / models are usually better at looking good than waiting tables. However that part of its charm.

But today service was positively five star. Needs were anticipated and requests met. Combined with the fact that I had the perfect taxi driver and the welcome we received at Staples (still on the steel sharpie mission alas) it all stacked up to the notion we were in some alternate Manhattan universe. The anti-Manhattan.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a friendly city – just not in a sugar coated way.

Thankfully the cashier at Filene’s Basement ensured that normal service had resumed.


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