Restored Fortunes ?

I happened to pick up the latest European Edition of Fortune Magazine when I left the office following an incredibly productive meeting-free day.

Fortune Magazine and I go back a little bit. In many respects it was my first lesson in keeping very tight control of decisions. I didn’t and a whole chunk of advertising went to the other business heavy publication which starts with an F. I made good on my commitment to rectify the mistake during the next round.

Fortune delivered back then because they curated a powerful longform read. I can remember sitting in the bathtub reading a cover story on Carly Florina (then CEO of HP) thinking ‘it’s over’. And it was.

My rep L. would trip over herself to get me an advance copy of an issue she knew I would love and the Associate Publisher, J, could argue the finer points of any article over a 2 hour lunch at the Four Seasons. Make that a 3 hour lunch.

And then it all seemed to go wrong.

Fortune lost its way.

But today it seems to be back. A brillant article on Francois-Henri Pinault. An inspiring account of Net-a-porter and a very timely piece on JetBlue.

It all adds up to a good read. Restored fortune or have I just lucked out ? I’ll have to buy the next issue and see.

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