Willie Walsh are you listening ?

Someone needs to be fired.

No.  Strike that.  Someone needs to be taken out and shot.   Without a blindfold.

I must admit I had read a whisper or two that British Airways was about to start selling advertising space on it’s signature site www.ba.com.   I’m not sure when I read it but suspect it was at 35,000 feet on said airline.    It seemed fanciful.  Not in the ‘Wow what an amazing idea – what brilliant brains they have at BA”  way.   No, not that.    More along the lines of  ‘What an idiotic suggestion.     Why would a brand which, despite current trading conditions, is still incredibly equity rich devalue it’s brand with such a stupid move.’

I thought nothing more of it.

Until tonight.

It’s Wednesday and I usually begin my review of travel options for the weekend:    STAY.   NYC or SOMEWHERE ELSE.

But when I get to www.ba.com.   What’s the most disruptive thing that greets me ?


If this was signed off by the highest authority then BA needs to pass a Captain’s cap around.  Collect all of the ignition keys and hand the complete airline to Ryanair.

This is the poorest decision since General Custer’s stand.


Don’t you get it ?

Your consumer wants to be immersed in the world of British Airways.   They want a reason to believe.    A reason to spend a few more pounds /dollars / yen to opt for BA and not someone else.

Brands are destroyed by salami tactics.  A corner cut there.  A dilution of purity here.

Don’t get me wrong.    Like many other brands British Airway’s back is against the way.    But that requires a doubling down of positioning.  Not a self inflicted erosion of equity.

Mr Walsh nobody wants your brand to succeed more than me.   Arrange the firing squad and give me a call.


2 thoughts on “Willie Walsh are you listening ?

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  2. Recently I had an opportunity to buy promotional airline tickets through BA’s website fare and square. I was sent a confirmation of my flights. After 3 days my flight was cancelled. When I called the airline they stated that it was an executive decision to withdraw this promotion. My request for a supervisor or BA corporate office phone number was refused. I have purchased connecting tickets in the destination country of my travel which are now a financial loss. I have no other choice but to post blogs and start up a grass roots effort to fight for my right as a consumer against this greedy unethical corporate giant. These are desprate move of a failing corporation.

    Huzefa Chithiwala

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