I had intended to blog about discrimination when I got home this evening.  Not the bad kind, the good kind.   A few thoughts on luxury brand management inspired by drinks tonight with, K, one of the most discriminating (good) people I know but it’s difficult to turn my attention away from one of the most hideous betrayals I have witnessed in my adult life.   That of the lick-spittle Scottish Government who in an act of ‘compassion’ have released the only man ever convicted of the 1998 Pan Am Lockerbie terrorist bombing.  

Most people my age can remember where they were that night when 270 people were murdered in mid-air (with some dying as they hit the ground) and some dying in their own homes.  I was sitting in my friend H’s house looking forward to the Christmas break and catching up on our 2nd year university adventures.

The news flash was alarming and haunting.  When dawn came it was overwhelming.

Fast forward to 1997 and I fought a General Election as a candidate and played a role in the post election referendum campaign against the creation of a Scottish Parliament.   I lost on both counts but I’m fiercely proud of having done my part.  Today’s decision by the minority lead Scottish Nationalist Party administration was the sort of national, no global, disconnect we opponents of Scottish devolution always feared.

A Scottish Parliament was never going to be content legislating on parking restrictions in Portree or how many deep fried Mars bars it’s safe to eat.   They were always going to flex their muscles in a cack handed way.

Those who have given succor to this Parliament, and this particular heinous administration, through their toadying acquiescence are as guilty as Alex Salmond MSP and Kenny MacAskill MSP.

One can only hope that the families and friends of the victims will not hold all of Scotland responsible for this crime against humanity.


One thought on “Betrayal

  1. Everything you say above is true, but it begs the question of why this man was released.
    I very much doubt that it was done on purely humanitarian grounds, and the MSPs involved must have know it would elicit howls of protest from the USA and the surviving members of both American and Scottish families.
    Therefore, why was it done ?
    The only reason I can think of is that Britain is desperately anxious to cozy up to Libya in order to be able to keep the lights on when Northsea gas runs out in the next couple of years. Its not a
    pretty picture, but its what we should expect from the pusillanimous crop of World leadership with which we are all currently saddled.

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