Banished Appetites

Hemorrhaging cash, British Airways yesterday announced that they were ending food service (except breakfast on flights before 10am) on their UK and short haul (under 2 hours) European flights saving £22 Million in the process.

At times like this such action is understandable if misguided.   It removes a credible point of differentiation between British Airways and low-cost carriers such as easyJet and Ryan Air with many suspecting it will be the thin end of the wedge.   When brands start to salami slice their consumer proposition over an extended period of time no single action is terribly damaging but at the end of the process you are left with nothing.     British Airways should proceed with caution.

On the plus side they are ending the seat served 2nd meal in Club Class (usually breakfast eastbound and afternoon tea  westbound on longhaul flights) replacing this with a more extensive galley self-selection.   The 2nd meal was always intrusive especially on the relatively short hop from LHRto JFK and the clanging of food service trolleys on the overnight flight to LHR just shortened an already short sleep opportunity !

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