Breaking the silence

Since January, when I started this blog, the last two weeks or so have been the longest stretch without posting. It’s not that I have had nothing to say, I’ve just found that whenever I started to blog the moment had passed ! Anyway I’m back and I promise to do better !

This has been a busy and interesting week. It started for me with a quick 24hr hour trip under the English Channel to Paris for a very stimulating business trip surrounded by people at the top of their game. There is something very rewarding to be around people who through passion and endeavour are able to achieve greatness. In this case it all took place in a photographic studio with a little time for dinner in the restaurant that President Obama and the First Lady dined in when they visited Paris recently. 

Which brings me neatly to President Obama who now finds himself really governing for the first time. Up until now it’s all been an extension of his impressive election campaign. Now the hard realities are setting in and he is being exposed to the perils of ‘Events dear boy, events’ (a phrase first used by British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan to discribe the randomness of politics’). Who would have thought that a Harvard Professor finding himself locked out of his own home would result in such an end to the President’s week. It’s always the little things which will create the biggest problems.

As for me after returning to London my week ended early with a flight to Geneva on Friday and 3 trains up to the Alpine town of Barboleusaz close to Villars where I am staying with friends for the weekend. It is apt that in the relative solitude of the Alps I am going to make a determined effort to break my radio silence !

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