What’s in a name…..Armstrong ?

July is turning out to be a month dominated by Armstrongs – well two at least.   Two incredible humans who are shining examples of human endeavour and what individuals and teams can achieve: Neil Armstrong, Astronaut and Lance Armstrong, Cyclist.moon

I’m half way through Craig Nelson’s excellent book ‘Rocketmen’which tells the story of the first men on the Moon.   On July 20th this year it will be 40 years since Neil Armstrong commanded Apollo 11 and set foot on the surface of the Moon.    Meanwhile Lance Armstrong, not content with winning the Tour de France a record 7  consecutive times between 1999 and 2005, is back competing again !   

Two Armstrongs.    Competing in very different races, one space, one cycle and yet living embodiments of what man can achieve when he puts his mind to it.    A lesson for us all.


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