Open and shut case…

Tuesday was a dark day, stupid day.

Little did I know when I wrote these words  back in March that exactly3 months later I would leave my favourite possession, my Globetrotter case on the luggage rack of the 0739 from Waterloo to Poole.  Sure I was preoccupied with mentally listing tasks to complete that morning before I flew off to Frankfurt but that is no excuse for crass stupidity.

I could list all the steps I took almost immediately to retrieve the case but it’s just all too frustrating.    The days of hoping the Railway Children will take off their scarlet petticoats and wave the train to a halt are long gone and my case (not looking entirely innocent looking) would be ‘found by the cleaners at Poole’.   Only it wasn’t.

So what did the case contain ?     A pair of Hugo Boss Jeans (gently worn), a Thomas Pink Shirt (old but one of my favourites) a new bright red silk Thomas Pink Tie, some underwear, a set of British Airways First Class pyjamas and my wash kit in a Ziplock back.

Oh and one more thing – about 2,000,000 miles of travel memories !

I am devastated.   

As someone who enjoys travelling on my own this case was my constant companion.  Reliable, practical, quiet and flexible.    It served me admirably in business and in pleasure.    Small enough to take into the cabin and robust enough to safely transport 3 bottles of Pinot or a couple of bottles of single malt in the hold when terrorist activity intervened to make our travel more rule-based.

It was a case that went with me on my first trip to the USA.   All the way to Hong Kong on little more than a day trip with R & M.    Every single overnight job interview (including the one in Scottsdale with ‘Ernst Blofeld’ that no-one every knew about).    Trains, planes, cars, boats.  First Class, coach class.  Sitting, standing.

Every journey adding another battle scar and another memory.

Of course all is not lost.   It is tagged with my name and there is still hope.

One of my colleagues thinks that after a short weekend in Manhattan it fancied a trip to the seaside rather than the financial capital of Germany and took matters into it’s own handle.

The search continues, a reward awaits the finder.


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