Nixon & Frost & Nixon & Nixon & Nixon

Despite being one of the first to see Nixon & Frost in New York (which I enjoyed with my friend K – easily the toughest critic since Stadler and Waldorf from the Muppets – she can be relied upon to give an honest opinion every time) for whatever reason, I found myself today watching the move version for the first time on-board BA Flight 113. I’ve never watched a film before with the same cast as the stage version. This was a great performance by both leads – not the same as the stage version – but just as strong.

Nixon was an incredible President. The fact that China is currently keeping the Western world afloat in terms of currency support is down to his diplomatic abilities and for me, that more than compensates for Watergate.

Put simply, the very best politicians are fatally flawed – it is the presence of a flaw which allows an ability to connect. Flawless = mediocre*. In fact, why stop there, in business and in the world around us it is the flawed who deliver great things. One of the reasons why Saint Blair will go down as they most mediocre of Prime Ministers. Trite cant wrapped in cliche – his inheritance is the worst Prime Minister (Gordon Brown) I’ve lived through.

At some point Nixon will be known for all the best reasons rather than delivering the suffix ‘-gate’ to every global scandal.

*NB It is ironic that it took another flawed President, William J Clinton, to help rehabilitate Nixon with the first invitation to the White House post his departure.


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