Changing viewpoints…

I’m a firm believer in constantly changing perspective and frame of reference if only to validate what you hold true.    For me this means travel and after 3 weeks in my new role I decided last night that I would fly to NYC for a quick trip this weekend.      Nothing beats a Transatlantic flight to reflect and distill, so here I am sitting in the BA First Class Lounge at LHR T5.BA-air-stewardesses-from--002

It was ironic that The Guardian (never read it but today a copy was on the tube on the way to LHR so I read it and was actually quite impressed with the writing) had a big splash about the dismal performance of British Airways and how passengers would find cabin upgrades more forthcoming.     At check-in my relatively cheap World Traveller reservation was upgraded to World Traveller Plus – same food, more leg room, quieter cabin.    From newsprint to boarding pass – that’s the sort of change I like to see and it made a change from two full weeks of media stalking of Members of Parliament (enough already, we get it and we’ll sort the buggers out at the ballot box) !

24 hours in Manhattan will play havoc on my waistline as I go for a new record of 3, perhaps 4, ‘brunches’ in one Sunday but it will be a worthwhile sacrifice to spend some time with my best friends at such short notice.

I’m hoping this impulse  trip will trigger some rich blog entries – it always feels good to make the Heathrow-Kennedy the catalyst for this blog !

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3 thoughts on “Changing viewpoints…

  1. You have never ever read ‘The Guardian’ before? How can that be…..I used to read about 8 different papers everyday while in graduate school…but then again maybe that is why I ended up with such high student loans…..

  2. Great seeing you yesterday on the upper west side. You should try to do the weekend trip once a month. The “brunch” possibilities are practically endless.

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