Morning routines

It is amazing how quickly you settle into a new morning routine especially when it is one dictated by a lower frequency, scheduled mode of transport.  A few minutes late for the bus or subway – fine I’ll get the next one.   With a train (or plane – one of my colleagues has a friend who is commuting ,albeit weekly to Milan from London)  it’s a bit more challenging.  

But this morning I had to break my new routine to attend a breakfast meeting in the City of London.   (Interesting thing about breakfast meetings is that I always like to ensure I am going to be on time so invariably I arrive at the locale too early and end up going for a first breakfast to ‘tide me over’ not sure that is how it is supposed to work !).

However, I really enjoy mingling with a different set of commuters – once you fall into lockstep with their movements and don’t get in the way !  It’s like an anthropological study (my friend J who studied that very subject would be in his element); people dress differently, read differently and have a very different demeanour.   In this case I suppose amplified by the fact that on a daily basis they are beholden to the swings and roundabouts of the market.    The people who interact with them are different too.   The Starbucks Barristas reflect the higher energy – no languid Notting Hill pace here.

It’s a stimulating study for those of us who are involved in marketing.   Changing our frame of reference on a daily basis is critical if we are to avoid a disconnect with our audience.   Let’s be honest there is only so much you can learn from syndicated research, the latest agency presentation or sitting behind a one way window.

You just have to get out there and observe and interact.

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