Image – a contrast

Washington DC and Westminster, London continue to provide a fascinating contrast in image control. On Tuesday President Obama and Vice President Biden leave the West Wing and drop into a neighborhood burger joint. Where they order burgers at the counter, pay in cash and wait for their order being called out. Sure the press corp were in attendance but these sort of images are the life blood of politics.Obama

On the same day the increasingly hapless Prime Minister Gordon Brown manages to allow cameras to capture (a great word since he now looks like hunted prey in every image these days) him in a school with a Nazi swastika over his shoulder. Heaven knows what his ‘handlers’ were doing that morning – checking out for these sort of visual gaffes is a key part of the job.

brown_at_prendergast_hilly_fields_schoolAt least they avoided the obvious trap of having him stand in front of an ‘EXIT’ sign !


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