Live by digital, die by digital…

One of the great wheezes created by the UK Labour Government, no doubt in an effort to show hipness, was the creation of an electronic petition function on the No 10 homepage.      The only problem now is that the most signed petition is the one calling for his resignation ( 31,944 and counting).  It has the potential to hit six figures easily.

But that’s not the end of it.   Turn to YouTube and you have a real contrast in popularity:

Gordon Brown picking his nose – getting close to 400,000 views

Gordon Brown discussing MPs expenses – just over 5000 views   (this is a more entertaining clip – watch his facial expressions and movement – weird !)

Digital campaigning is a powerful tool both for you and against you – Prime Minister Brown is about to find that when the tide is against you it has the ability to amplify both content and coverage.  He’s toast.


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