To Read or To Reader ?

I just listened to a great conversation on The Monocle Weekly Podcast surrounding the increasing popularity of electronic readers.   After a shaky start they are steadily increasing in popularity and every user I have spoken to swears that they are easy to use and very

As a reader of multiple books at once (fiction and non) and someone who enjoys travelling lightly I am starting to see the attraction of being able to have a lot of material in  a device which is easy to commute and travel with.   The interactivity aspects – being able to mark up quotes etc – is another benefit.

The only downside is I like books.   I like to browse books, surround myself with books , have them on the shelf, in piles, lend them (to careful users) and of course stand in 3 feet of warm sea water and read whilst cooling off so I just know that means I would be downloading electronic copies AND still buying the hard back.  

I know I am not alone in this potential behaviour, my good friend J would follow the same pattern.

So I need to do some more thinking with a summer vacation deadline and of course I need to decide between the Sony Reader eBook or the Amazon Kindle .


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