Forward looking

President Obama has made it through his first 100 days and via photo essays and commentaries performance is being judged.

He is skillful, smooth and exhibits a pragmatism which a US President needs if he is to move things beyond the status quo.

Although I question the merits in releasing the legal opinions upon which the previous Republican government based their interrogation techniques on I do think he has made an effort to draw a line and move on.

In releasing and denoucing he clearly sets out his philsophy and asks the world to move on with him. This is not about retribution for him although there are shrill calls from the usual suspects for investigations and trials. I rather think he has a gift for walking in other people’s shoes – would he have acted any differently faced with a similar situation ?

But back to the future. He has much ambition for America and the World and it requires all his energy and support from every quarter. It’s about new debates not old ones.

The next 1000 days should be fascinating.


One thought on “Forward looking

  1. Although President Obama may want all of us to look to the future and eschew the sins of the past administration, the torture issue is not going away. In fact it is picking up steam, which it should in my opinion.
    I admit I felt differently until the latest round of memos and e-mails etc. came to light.
    The President knows very well that this issue will eclipse his efforts to get some movement on his plans to reform education, revive the economy, introduce some form of national health care , promote a green agenda, and basically get America working again. Therefore, his pragmatic approach to politics is overshadowing any natural human impulse to be revolted by the depths to which the previous administration sank in it`s treatment of prisoners of war.
    The USA hanged Japanese who practiced waterboarding on it`s G.I.s during WW 2, but Rumsfeld and Cheney ( 5 deferments during Vietnam ) see it as no big deal, although they cannot apparently point to any useful intelligence that was obtianed using torture on Al Qaeda suspects.
    It seems that the “few bad apples” that the previous administration pointed to as being responsible for torturing prisoners in Iraq, were in fact under orders to do so by the really “bad apples” in Washigton D.C. – Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al..
    Unfortunately President Obama`s agenda may be put on hold while the war criminals from the previous administration get their just desserts.

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