Out of the desert

Last night myself and a few colleagues were treated to the stage version of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. It was an enjoyable romp all the more so since both of our hosts were Australian and therefore had the loudest laughs in the house ! It was an extreme contrast with the stage show a mile or so down Charing Cross Road and Whitehall in Parliament where the Chancellor had delivered more bad news during the Budget Speech. Maybe if he had worn drag the newspapers this morning would have been a bit kinder.

But back to the West End. I often find during these sort of evenings that the complete change in scene – music, lights etc allows your mind to wander and mine did a bit of reflection on the number of people I know who have had some form of career disruption over the last 6 months. Well into double digits. Everyone a good person, working hard, delivering results, committed to their role and the company where they worked but this downturn has been like a tidal wave. Sweeping people away.

On the plus side everyone of them are fighters who have bounced back quickly. Some are in new roles already and many are taking this opportunity to change direction and emphasis. They will emerge in a much better place.

On this stage and the wider one the desert is survivable and that horay old maxim is a true one – what does not kill you, makes you stronger.


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