It is almost 30 years since Margaret Thatcher swept to power in the United Kingdom. On Monday I listened to an audio recording (no cameras allowed in the Chamber then) of the No Confidence debate in the House of Commons which saw the Callaghan Government go down to a 1 vote defeat. The rest, as they say, is history.thatcher2_1391786f

Today Britain will witness the Budget Statement delivered by a discredited Chancellor, written by a Prime Minister spiralling down the plug hole of electoral politics and backed by a Labour Party which can only look on as one does at the scene of a road traffic accident.

America has benefited from a sense of renewal brought about by the election of a new President (irrespective of his politics) the UK has to wait until May 2010 when the Government’s term runs out or the Prime Minister asks for a dissolution. Either way it’s more of the same.

The Prime Minister is now woefully out of touch with reality. In an effort to grab the spotlight yesterday he announced his proposals for replacing the discredited system of payments currently given to Members of Parliament to pay for their second homes etc. The current system which has been so exploited by his own Ministers.

And his solution ?

Members of Parliament would get a daily stipend of around £150 for turning up to Parliament.

That’s right. They get more money for doing something they should already be doing, and get paid for.

Sadly we can expect more of the same until the electoral tidal wave comes.


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