Wipe Boards

I just bought a new wipeboard for the flat – out of all proportion to the size of the flat but the smaller boards were just not up to the task of capturing all the random output !

I’m a big fan of wipe boards.  They encourage free expression but because they are bulky and disruptive they don’t easily get ignored afterwards.  (I’ve fallen over mine twice already so there is little danger of that !).

And I always have one by my desk at work that I can use in meetings.   I love tech but this is a low-tech tool that survives.

There are only two downsides – (1) accidental wiping and, (2) using a permanent marker (or letting someone else use a permanent marker – thank you AR !).

I use a Polaroid camera to capture particularly rich boards before deliberate wiping.russert-whiteboard

The “Patron Saint of Wipe boards” if there was one would have to be the late US broadcaster, Tim Russert who used one to great effect to explain the math during the prolonged post-voting debacle after the 2000 Presidential Election.


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