The Woman in 42A

Midweek I had contemplated a last minute weekend in NYC but the airlines would rather fly empty seats than price at a level where the spontaneous traveller will bite.   Good luck with that Mr Walsh.

However, it was a happy turn of events as New York came to London in the shape of a good friend – The Woman in 42A.    Usually by a Friday evening my mind can about deal with Shiraz or Pinot / pizza or pasta but not last night.

A formidable corporate player, at the top of her game, The Woman in 42A, has relatively recently started to work for herself with impressive results.  In plying her trade she has also rediscovered  burnished her personal brand.   Freed from corporate constrains that rich personal brand equity is front and centre and is a compelling offering for any organisation who requires a bit of vision.

We spoke a lot about personal branding and how that, all too often, we don’t pay the attention that we should to both building and communicating it.

And of course your personal brand is a living entity.   You need to develop it and constantly expose it to new stimulus to ensure it’s a brand that maintains its relevance.   There are examples all around of people who do just that, often right in front of you – Mario our mixologist at Montgomery Place exemplifies it.  Much more than technical know how.  A desire and ability to both quickly respond to AND crucially initiate trends.

That desire for new stimulus meant that my dining companion had flown to London for a few days and crafted an itinerary which will ensure that her yellow legal pad is filled by the time she arrives back at JFK.

And a consequence of that ?   She got me thinking a bit more and my ‘to read’ list just got a bit longer……


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