The No 27

I’ve been catching the No 27 bus from Nottinghill Gate to Hammersmith for 15 months now and I am no more knowledgeable about it’s frequency than on Day One.

The information at the bus stop indicates the frequency is between 7 and 12 minutes not unlike the other routes that stop there. Fool that I am I then try to extrapoliate the appearance of other buses to indicate when mine is due. A couple of 52s and a 28 go past ? The 27 must be on its way surely !

Think again.

The 27 also hunts in packs and then you invariably get on the one that then sits in order to ‘regulate frequency’.

But back to the 7 – 12 minutes guide. Before I leave the flat I know where today’s bus will land on the spectrum.

Cold and wet weather : 12 minutes. Warm and sunny : 7 minutes.

Career dependent presentation to finish : 12 minutes. Easier day on the cards. : 7 minutes.

Then there is the fact the No 27 has cloaking powers. Just as I get to the end of my street I see that I’ve just missed a bus. I have 7 – 12 minutes to buy a newspaper right ? I look down ‘The Gate’ – no bus in sight. As I’m paying for the newspaper a No 27 flashes past. Now I’ve missed two.

The return journey at night is boringly predictable.

But on the way to work it’s like roulette and the only number I play is red 27.

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One thought on “The No 27

  1. This brings back fond memories of the number 24 bus that I took to go from Saint Georges Square,S.W. 1 to Victoria Station ( and further afield sometimes ). Last time I was in London I made that same journey again after about a 50 year interval, and it was still a double decker and I was able to sit in the front seat on the upper deck as I had all those years ago.
    I also remember being given a bus conducters set
    with cap, cash shoulder bag, tickets and a ticket punch that provided hours of simple entertainment – no batteries required. If I wanted to be the driver, I still had the cap, and all I had to do was rearrange the dining room chairs to both drive the bus and sell tickets.

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