Tick, Tock : London – Vienna – London

I do not intend to repeat this time recording exercise – I am nowhere near OCD enough – but I thought it would be kind of fun to do it and test the copy of  ‘Zoundry Raven’ I downloaded last night which allows me to blog from my netbook and upload to WordPress at a later time when connected to the Internet.


TOTAL TIME FLAT – FLAT = 15hrs 56 mins


(Foot, Tube, Train, Bus, Plane, Train, Foot, Train, Plane, Bus, Train, Tube

HOURS IN VIENNA PROPER = 5 hrs 47 mins


0440am First alarm clock (Blackberry) goes off

0445am Second alarm clock (iTouch) goes off.450px-austria_parlament_athena

0500am Out of bed, teeth, shave, shower

0525am Leave flat

0530am On District Line Platform at Nottinghill Gate Station

0542am Tube train arrives

0550am Onboard Heathrow Express

0555am Depart Paddington

0610am Arrive Heathrow Central

0615am Retrieve Boarding Pass from machine

0630am Arrive Landside Terminal Three (for reasons that escape me British Airways can open Terminal Five and yet the BA flights to Vienna and Lisbon (and a few others) leave from here. Passengers connecting from longhaul must love this arrangement !

0631am Buy some Euros

0635am Arrive in the Japanese Airline’s Lounge which is manned by BA directed towards the First Class Lounge: all the newspapers, key weeklynews magazines. A latte, a pain au chocolate, a strawberry yogurt and a mimosa.

0700am Final Boarding Call. Seemed early but that’s because a bus was involved to take you to the aeroplane steps. Not much time to think about bus journey too busy fascinated by an American couple chewing gum, nice to see that having reached her mid-twenties she’s not forgotten the act of clacking her gum for all to hear. Charming.

0735am BA 696 Take off – on time !


0900am Breakfast in Eurotraveller Cabin – cold bacon and egg sandwich, orange juice and coffee.

1040am Touchdown (15 minutes early)

1105am CAT Express Train to Vienna

1121am Arrive Vienna

1135am Meet the C&M Clan

11.45am A beer on the terrace at Palmenhaus at 1 Burggarten

1.00pm Lunch at DO & CO at Stephansplatz – Tiger prawns followed by steak, asparagus and wahsabi mash with two glasses of a very decent white wine – the name escapes me.

3.30pm Coffee and cake at Cafe Landtmann at Dr Karl Lueger Ring 4

4.30pm Say my goodbyes and walk back to the Station

5.08pm CAT Express to Airport

5.24pm Arrive Airport

5.30pm Retrieve Boarding Pass from machine

5.40pm Arrive Lounge – Coke Zero, black coffee

6.35pm Arrive Departure Gate

7.09pm BA705 Takeoff (6 minutes early !), very empty flight


6.25pm Evening snack in Eurotraveller Cabin – cheese & ham and tuna & sweetcorn sandwich, Breakaway chocolate biscuit, gin & tonic (wish they would serve Beefeater) and two cups of coffee

8.10pm Touchdown at Terminal 3 (30 minutes early !)

8.20pm Bussed from stand to Terminal

8.30pm UK Border Control

8.46pm Board Heathrow Express at Heathrow Central

8.49pm Train departs for Paddington

9.01pm Train arrives at Paddington

9.04pm On District Line Platform

9.12pm Tube train arrives

9.17pm Arrive at Notting Hill Gate Station

9.21pm Arrive HOME !

PSAnd was it worth it ? It sure was. A pleasure to spend a few hours with people who are fun to be with and in a city which never looked better on a unseasonably very warm and sunny day.PS


3 thoughts on “Tick, Tock : London – Vienna – London

  1. I need to introduce you to the only other friend I have who would consider a trip like this fun! He’s a master of what he calls “urban hiking” and would head off to Vienna for a few hours as readily as he would walk round the corner for cup of coffee.!

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