Vienna Bound…for the day

Off to Vienna today for the day.  First plane out, last plane back and thanks to a 16 min dedicated express train from Flughafen Wien-Schwechat to Wein Mitte I should have about 6 hours to lunch with my old boss and his family and do a bit of exploring. austria-flag

Last time I was in Vienna was 1988 and the border between Austria and then then Chechslovakian Republic was becoming porus and there were lots of Eastern European cars scooting about with refrigerators on their roofs !     I’ll be very interested to see this city again.

Of course I could be flying anywhere and I would be happy.   I get a real kick out of guerrilla day trips.   Lack of luggage certainly is a factor but so is the contrast over such a short period of time as you lie in your own bed that night and contemplate a very stimulating day.  Big Brother must view them suspiciously though !


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