Cut Throat

I am in a zen like stupor following an exceedingly enjoyable cut throat blade wet shave and hair cut at Murdock of London this morning.  Thanks to a birthday gift certificate (thank you C,R,R & G) I thought I would use the vacation day to indulge myself.

I’ve done this before but always manage to forget just how good the experience is.   On an average morning I probably spend about 5 minutes shaving – as I scream at the portable radio in the bathroom which is invariably spewing the obnoxious, half-formed opinions of John Humpries – today Stuart spent about 45 minutes on the shave alone.cut-throat-razor

Can there be anything more relaxing than a hot, menthol towel over your head ?     I allowed myself a second to think about how amazing it would be to spend EVERY morning before work being shaved this way.   Maybe not so practical but certainly a sybaritic ambition !

However, I do think this is going to be a monthly occurrence from now on which is why these gift certificates are lethal.  They pull you in and before you know it, you’re hooked.


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