Private things, public places

As farcical as it sounds a major anti-terrorism operation in the UK had to be brought forward (with the arrest of a dozen or suspects) yesterday because the most senior counter terrorism police officer in the country decided to walk into Downing Street clutching the ‘SECRET’ papers under his arm !

Photographers were able to capture every detail and the operation risked being compromised !

As it was all the suspects were detained and Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick, the offending officer, has just resigned.

He was on his way to brief his ‘bosses’, The Prime Minister and Home Secretary so no one can blame him for having one final, nerve steadying check of his papers in the car. We’ve all done it but then a bag, a briefcase, even an envelope is used !

He’s paid the price. But lives were at risk.

A very good friend of mine once sat next to her number one competitor in business class all the way from Paris CDG to New York JFK. Aware of that fact she settled down to a glass of champagne and a decent book. Her less aware companion worked for 5 hours on her brand’s marketing plan in full view.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own business we forget who is looking on !


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