Concorde – Happy 40th

concorde_5Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first flight of Concorde 002. This was the British prototype, the French one having flown a few months before.

So we get to wallow in nostalgia for a day or so and reflect again on the virtually unheard of notion of mankind going backwards with technology since the grounding of the British Airways and Air France fleet.

You can still spy one as you fly into LHR, tucked away behind some hangers and I always find myself willing it to start moving before my eyes.

To my regret I never got the opportunity to fly her but I remember countless Thursday evenings being on the BA Shuttle to EDI taxing with the Captain giving us permission to unbuckle and move to the other side of the aircraft to watch the evening JFK bound Concorde roar down the runway.

All of this gives me an excuse to post not one, but two great videos.

Enjoy !


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