Sharpies and Moleskins

It’s hard to find two more consistently, dependable,  travel companions than the humble Sharpie Pen  (born 1964) and the not so humble Moleskin Notebook (reborn 1997).   Despite my love of gadgetry there is something undeniably simple and utilitarian about a pen which never fails you and the blank canvas of a pocketable, lined notebook.


There is something inspirational about the fact that the first thing you see after you snap off the elastic closure band (and how neat is that feature which keeps loose bits of paper under control and is also something you can twang to let off some nervous energy ?) is a line asking you to declare the reward you will give the finder of said Moleskin should you lose it.   It’s asking you to place a value on YOUR thoughts contained within !     I always reckon $50 is a safe sum (which I don’t add until I’ve filled a few pages so as to make the transaction worthwhile).


There are zero distractions other than your previous musings.    You can capture your thoughts quickly, efficiently and in a manner which no one will take offence at.  As long as you avoid looking like a police officer at the scene of the crime.   No worries about charging the batteries or crashing.

You can use it after the cabin door has closed, during meal service, at the bar, upside down in bed, as a bug killer, coaster, drink cover….possibilities are endless.

And the Sharpie ?   Writes on anything, every time and there is something incredibly liberating about using a pen that costs pennies or cents.

They are an awesome combination.   Have them in your pocket and the only thing you have to do is find something creative to write !


2 thoughts on “Sharpies and Moleskins

  1. Can’t agree more about Moleskin notebooks. I have several I keep stashed around, and recently upgraded to their calandar as well. Moleskin and Montblanc, the perfect pair.

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