Snowed under

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London had  a stroke of luck this week when he appeared in front of the House of Common’s Transport Select Committee to answer questions on the Capital’s ‘reaction’ to the intense snow fall which hit one Monday in February (I wrote about this here).   The stroke of luck ?    The G20 was in town so his lame and bizarre performance did not receive the coverage it could oh so easily have got.

I admit I am prejudiced.  I’m used to seeing strong, empowered New York City Mayors take command of situations like severe snow storms early on – warning, managing, acting !   Instead it looks like Mayor Johnson was under the duvet.

I suspect that is the reason for his reaction to a few tough questions.   Watch this, it’s priceless !


One thought on “Snowed under

  1. Thank you for that heathrowennedy. It is absolutely
    killingly funny and it has made my day.
    The upper class accent, the shirt hanging out at the back, the scruffy backpack and unkempt hair juxtaposed with the middle class clean cut bureaucrats, snapping at the mayor`s heels could not have been better done by the Pythons.
    London`s Mayor personifies the wonderfully British tradition of the dilettante dabbling in matters well beyond his level of competence, yet outraged at being questioned by the rabble.
    I though his remark about the lasagne of grit and snow was the funniest thing I have heard in years. It would be such fun to have Boris run New York for a term or two.

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