G20 – You, Us, Them

The G20 is rolling into London Town.    President Obama touches down at STN in under an hour and already traffic feels like it is sloooooowing down.

At best the conclusion of G20 will be a morale boost for THEM, our elected representatives.    President Obama will delight Europe with some soaring rhetoric, Prime Minister Brown will crack a smile (perhaps), Prime Minister Harper will get the credit he deserves (Canada avoided the mistakes of many other countries) and President Sarkozy will remain for the whole summit and not walk out as sources threaten he may do.

But really economic recovery rests with US – it’s the decisions we make as individuals and collectively as a society which will determine our future.   Skimming beneath the economic malaise there are some extraordinary efforts being made.   Successes and fortunes are being made right now.

ANd finally there is YOU.   There have been quite a few of you lately.   On the wrong side of a business decision and ended up being let go.   Yet,  without exception, the bounce back has been so fast you could clock it with an egg time.     Everyone is moving on to bigger and better things.  Proof that good things happen to good people – despite what their last employer thought.

Connectivity is certainly making this downturn easier to deal with.    The support network is established (Facebook), the living resume and business network is live 24/7 (LinkedIn), the advice is out there (Blogs !) and you can respond to every opportunity (Twitter) in a flash.

Recovery is a little about them, a lot about you and with an overwhelming amount of us.

Good luck !!!


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